8 Ways You Aren’t Using Linkedin, But Should Be

If you are on the job market and want to get your LinkedIn profile noticed, check out these tips to boost your profile.

  1. You should complete your whole profile.

  2. You should put industry buzzwords in your headline.

  3. You should sell yourself in the summary.

  4. You should ask for endorsements.

  5. You should connect with (almost) everyone.

  6. You should consider these little-known features.

    • Turn off the feature that broadcasts updates to your network.

    • Connect LinkedIn status updates to your Twitter account.

    • Premium accounts aren’t always necessary.

  7. You should add your contact info.

  8. You should be a groupie.


By: Dana Hudepohl, LearnVest

You can read the complete article at https://www.learnvest.com/2016/06/how-to-land-a-job-using-linkedin/