An Email Job Candidates Will Read Vs One They’ll Ignore

When you are hiring, communicating effectively with job candidates is key. But too often, hiring managers include too much information within an email or do not make it clear to the candidate what they are supposed to do next.

To make sure your emails are read and responded to, keep the following tips in mind. And if you need a hire right away, bring your staffing needs to the attention of the employment experts at Quality Placement Authority

Subject Lines, Greetings, and Content

When you are writing an email subject line, try to keep it specific. Then, the recipient will understand why the email was sent and will be able to respond quickly. It is also important to remember that many are checking their email on their phones, so you want the subject line to be short enough that a viewer will get the information they need within a preview.  

Additionally, because people are communicating on their devices, it is common for them to switch seamlessly between texting, messaging apps, and email. But even if this is true for you, remember that emails should contain a greeting before you dive into the content of your message. 

After the greeting, you want to write the body of the email in a manner that is brief and direct, so a person can absorb all the points quickly. Sometimes bullet points can help. For instance, if you want a job candidate to bring certain items to an interview, you can include a short list of these items.

Proofread and Clearly Share Follow-Up Information

Once you have composed your email, take a moment to proofread it a couple of times, to be sure there are no typos and that there is a clear direction for the job candidate regarding next steps. Some even find it useful to have a portion of their email dedicated to what’s next. Then, the person will know if they should respond to the email, reach you via phone, or provide more information. 

Other email considerations:

  • Instead of attaching documents, consider putting the information needed from the attachments into the email body. Or, send a short email first, letting the recipient know that attachments will be coming in another email. Often attachments result in emails being sent to spam folders. 
  • Don’t disclose any information that is proprietary or sensitive. Anything you send to job seekers could be shared with the public.
  • Adjust your tone and be professional. In your personal life, and in communications with coworkers you have developed friendships with, you may use a lot of abbreviations or emojis in emails, but when you are communicating with a potential hire, keep clarity top of mind and restrain from using a tone that is too conversational.

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