Sometimes People Make a Bad Career Choice, Changes Are Possible 

It can be stressful to feel frustrated at work after you have spent time training for a job only to realize you don’t like it. But if you find yourself thinking you have made a bad career choice and want to change jobs, know that new opportunities are available. 

Career changes are possible without having to return to school or invest in expensive training programs. Instead, connect with a staffing expert to discuss who is hiring today and how you can enter into a new field. When you build up your resume with short-term assignments and make a commitment to building a new skill set, a career change is in reach. Discuss your goals with a professional at Quality Placement Authority

Consider Your Transferable Skills

Sometimes it can be empowering to think about what you have to offer rather than focusing on training you lack. For example, in your current job, or in your last position of employment, you likely developed job skills that can transfer to a new field. 

To get started, compile a list of all of your past jobs and volunteer experiences. Then, use the transferable skills you have today to craft a resume that will connect you with the type of jobs you want in the future. 

Examples of transferable job skills:

  • Great attention to detail
  • Advanced computer skills
  • Customer service experience
  • Ability to listen and communicate effectively
  • Track record of setting and achieving goals
  • Management experience
  • Record of meeting deadlines
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Time management and productivity

Going through the skills you have already acquired can also help you define what you want next. For instance, if you have worked in customer service but your favorite thing about the job was tracking goods and supplies, maybe your next job should be as an inventory clerk or working in a purchasing department. 

Talk to People You Know About Their Jobs

Job hopping is far more common today than it was in the past. Talk to friends and family members about their career transitions. While everyone’s path is unique, they may provide you with a few ideas on how to get started. 

Staffing firms can also help. Many interested in a career change find temporary employment to be a great way to explore new options. You don’t have to remain in a situation you believe was a bad career choice, talk to an employment expert about how your experience could lead to another opportunity. Even if a full-time position is not currently available, a staffing firm can secure short-term assignments for you in order for you to keep your bills paid while you focus on your long-term employment plans. 

Do you need a new job? If you realize you have made a bad career choice and are ready for a change, there are professionals who help. Quality Placement Authority is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm with nationwide service capabilities. Let our experts help you find the best job for your career goals. Connect with Quality Placement Authority today.