Defining Good Management for Your Team

Being a manager is a challenging task, but it can be incredibly rewarding when you see your team succeed. While you may understand that good management is essential for creating a positive work environment, fostering employee engagement, and driving productivity, you may be wondering how to define what it means to be a good manager for your team. 

While each situation is unique, there are a few key components that many employees report they appreciate in their managers, including empathy, vision, and strong decision-making skills. For instance, if you know you need more staff but are waffling about how to find the time to find candidates, make a clear, complete decision and delegate hiring tasks to the employment pros at Quality Placement Authority

Relating to the Needs of Your Team

A great manager has empathy for those on their team and provides team members with support and encouragement.  This includes providing opportunities for professional development, recognizing and rewarding good work, and giving constructive feedback. Being available is also part of the process, having a time of the day or week when members of your team know you are available to answer questions, provide guidance, or help to resolve conflicts.

Having a Clear Vision

Managers have a responsibility to share a clear vision of team goals with team members. Then, team members understand their roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Deadlines, objectives, and project updates should regularly be shared at team meetings and one-on-one check-ins.

Leading by example is also crucial for good management. If you are working diligently toward your stated vision, you are a role model for your team members, demonstrating the behaviors and attitudes that are expected. Some ways you can lead by example is to be punctual, reliable, and respectful, as well as admitting mistakes when they occur. 

Learning to Make Timely, Effective Decisions

It is an inevitable reality that managers are faced with difficult situations from time to time. They may have to explain to their team that a project did not produce the desired revenue, for instance. If this happens to you, remember your team is looking to you to make effective decisions.

So, if you were planning to bring in a couple of new hires to alleviate the work stress of your team but budgets are now being cut, make the decision to welcome short-term hires. Temporary workers will show your team you are committed to providing them with work-life balance, even if you are unable to hire full time today. And when conditions improve, you can switch to temp-to-perm workers, to be sure an employee is a good fit for your team before you make an official full-time offer. 

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