You Know that Hiring Trend? Well, It’s No Longer Relevant

Because hiring trends have gone through a lot of shifts in recent years, many job hunters are unsure of how to position themselves as a strong candidate. But instead of feeling overwhelmed by hiring changes, simply notice them and adjust. 

For example, the trend of only noticing employees with oodles of work experience is over. Many workplaces and staffing firms are gravitating toward nontraditional candidates and job seekers who are light on experience. There is more on-the-job training happening, for temporary workers and full-time employees. 

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Soft Skills, Referrals, and a Tight Labor Market

While there are situations in which credentials and technical training are listed as job requirements, there are many companies who are willing to do some in-house training if a job candidate has strong soft skills, such as being a good communicator and having the ability to collaborate effectively. 

Also, companies have been realizing how valuable referrals can be when they are seeking candidates. Referrals could come from current employees or from a reputable staffing firm. Once a staffing firm connects a company with one or two quality candidates, the organization often begins to rely on the firm for their staffing needs, saving hiring managers the time of reading resumes and interviewing. 

Because hiring managers are trying to fill positions in a tight labor market, they have to make decisions about who their top candidates are, and often it is not the individual with the most work experience. After all, if there is a candidate who is easy to talk to and the staffing firm that introduced the candidate to the hiring manager can vouch for the person having a track record of showing up for job placements on time and ready to work, they may be the ideal person for the post, whether they have a lot of work experience or not. 

Reach Out to Professionals with Connections

When you are looking for work, it can be extremely helpful to connect with individuals who know who is looking to onboard talent. Reaching out to a staffing firm could open up an array of opportunities, from short-term contracts to long-term assignments.

You can’t control hiring trends in the labor market, but you can control how you respond to them. If you are worried about your lack of experience in your desired employment industry, lean into your soft skills and personal connections, one of which could be the staffing professionals at Quality Placement Authority

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