10 Ways to Advance Your Career in 2023 

Whether you are hoping to land a new job or change career tracks, there are actionable steps you can take to make your objectives a reality in 2023. When you commit to making small, daily shifts, big opportunities can follow. 

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#1 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 

Everyone falls into patterns, but if you want to step up your career, it’s time to stretch out of your comfort zone. For some people this will mean signing up for a local networking event. Others may decide to talk to their manager about working on an upcoming project.

#2 Craft Your Story

And when you talk to managers or make career connections at networking events, have a clear story to share. Share how your past experience and your talents make you a great choice for approaching initiatives.

#3 Organize Your Samples

Collect visual proof of your achievements. This means having a designated location for projects you’ve been involved in, such as a folder on your computer that contains screenshots from businesses you’ve worked at and scans of printed material. Then, you can share these with a hiring manager or with your own boss at your annual review. 

#4 Study Your Industry

In every industry, things change over time. Reading blogs, articles, and books about what is happening in your field of interest will keep you informed and hirable. 

#5 Know When to Say Yes (and When to Say No)

If you want to grow, say yes to work collaborations. And just as important, say no to things that don’t excite you or help you achieve your career objectives. 

#6 Consider a Coach or Tutor

Connect with a professional who is on the career track you are hoping for and ask them for feedback on your job journey. 

#7 Share Your Experience

Just as a mentor can introduce you to a fresh outlook, sharing your experience with others can introduce you to fresh ways of thinking about your work. 

#8 Improve Your Focus

Honing your ability to manage your time will allow your to excel at work projects and build bridges to exciting opportunities.

#9 Ask for Help

If you come across an obstacle as you advance your career, reach out and get help, whether you need assistance crafting a resume or could use advice on where your skill set fits professionally. 

#10 Be Open to New Positions

Even when you are happy at work, there is no harm in listening to what other jobs are opening up. Reach out to a staffing professional to learn who is hiring today. 

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