Professional Development, In and Out of the Workplace

Within many companies, there are professional development programs. Which makes sense, because helping people grow within their positions has many benefits. Employees report a higher level of job satisfaction, which means less turnover for the company, and workers gaining new skill sets results in them advancing as their career progresses. 

Of course if you are looking for work or are employed at a company that doesn’t have a professional development or learning initiative, there are ways to invest in your own growth. And developing your skills, adding them to your resume, and sharing that information with the staffing professionals at Quality Placement Authority could lead to fresh employment opportunities as well. 

Aim Your Focus and Build a Plan 

During bursts of motivation, it is common for people to decide to make a huge life change. While this can be exciting to think about and discuss, most large shifts are actually done through a series of smaller steps. With this in mind, decide what your long term plan is and then build a plan on how you will get there. 

For example, if you are currently looking to grow into a managerial position, think of ways you can build on the talents you have today and make that objective a reality. While fee-based courses and workshops are one option, there are plenty of low-cost and free resources, too. 

  • Take out books from the library on building leadership skills and read articles about people you admire in your industry.
  • If you know someone who works in a similar position to the one you are working toward, ask them if they can share growth strategies with you over a cup of coffee. Or offer to  go for a walk with them during their lunch hour.
  • Identify career coaches and industry thought leaders. And once you find them, join their social media groups, listen to their podcasts, and read their blogs. 

Once you begin building your plan, track your activities. Keeping a record helps in holding yourself accountable. For instance, you could decide that over a set period of time you will read or listen to an inspirational book, meet with a mentor, and pursue an activity that could add to your resume. What deadlines you set for yourself will depend on what other obligations you have in your life, some prefer weekly goals, others monthly goals. 

Volunteering and Other Avenues for Building Your Skill Set

Sometimes if you want a leadership position, it pays to start with one that is unpaid. When you agree to take on a leadership role while volunteering or head up your own personal project, it shows initiative. Then, when you connect with potential employers, they will see that you push yourself past your personal comfort zone, into areas of growth. 

Have you identified ways you want to grow professionally in the New Year? Quality Placement Authority is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm with nationwide service capabilities. Let our experts help you find the best job for your career goals. Connect with Quality Placement Authority today.