Do You Have a Staffing Strategy for the New Year? 

When a business is growing quickly, it can be difficult to set aside time to plan for the future. But being proactive about your staffing needs is a critical part of positioning your company for success. After all, a staffing strategy for the New Year will support all of your other organizational goals. 

If you have never created a staffing plan before or you have a staffing strategy but are unsure how to connect with high-quality candidates, talk to the staffing professionals at Quality Placement Authority

Human Resources Departments and Staffing Plans

Typically, staffing plans are created by the department that handles personnel. For larger companies, these departments are in a great position to recognize staffing needs of different teams and are able to analyze when budgets permit onboarding new employees. They can handle job posts and application materials. 

But if you are in a leadership position within a smaller organization, it is possible you will be charged with developing a staffing strategy for the New Year on your own. If so, you will want to create a plan that analyzes the staffing needs of your team and what resources are available. In some situations, deciding to hire full-time employees next calendar year will be appropriate. Other organizations may choose to lean on temporary workers during busy seasons. 

Some questions to keep in mind:

  • What staff will be needed to achieve the overarching goals of the organization next year?
  • Are there staff members in your organization that can be trained in another area when support is needed? Or is everyone working at their full capacity?
  • How long will it take for you to connect with the right candidate?
  • What about staffing changes within the company, such as individuals taking maternity leave, people moving toward retirement, or internal promotions?

Naturally, labor costs will also be analyzed. This includes shifts in benefit expenses, raises, and overtime. When hiring a full-time employee will put too much pressure on the labor costs of an organization, part-time talent or temporary staffing support can be explored. 

Staffing Experts Can Help

Whether you are a human resources professional within a large company or are a hiring manager in a small business, there are experts available to help you build your staffing strategy for the New Year. Once you have identified areas in need of support and reviewed your labor budget, an expert can share with you the advantages and disadvantages of opting for a temporary, contract, or permanent hire.

A staffing firm can help you build a plan and put the team you need in place. Wherever you are in the process, a staffing expert can help. This is true if you have not even started a staffing plan or if you created one but are seeking introductions to get the positions filled. 

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