5 Reasons to Do Your Research Before an Interview 

One piece of advice about job interviews you are likely to hear from friends and family is to do some research before the big day. This is an essential step that many who are new to job hunting do not prioritize. Doing your research can help you land the position you are dreaming of, here’s why:

  1. It allows you to link your skills to the position
  2. You will understand the company culture you’ll be walking into
  3. Knowing about the business illustrates your interest
  4. It will be easier to come up with useful questions
  5. You can learn more about if the position is the right match

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Link Your Talents to the Organization

While you have likely gleaned information from the job title and position posting, doing research will lead to more clues about the position. For example, if you look at the company website and learn the legal team works on zoning requirements, your background as an administrative assistant at a real estate office could be worth mentioning when interviewing for an admin position. 

Understanding Company Culture

Hiring managers will not expect you to fully mesh with the team that is hiring you at your very first interview, but a bit of insight can put you at ease. Dressing up is always a good idea when interviewing, but what to wear will differ if you are interviewing in a room with a foosball table and bean bags for seating or a corporate meeting room with leather chairs. 

Sharing Your Interest and Asking Questions

Knowing a bit about the company coming in makes it easier to have a conversation about the services they provide or the products produced. Not only will your interest make you a more attractive candidate, but you will be able to ask useful questions. For instance, if a manager mentions a project you would potentially be working on and asks if you have questions, you could inquire about a similar project the company worked on that you read in a local newspaper article. 

Deciding If the Job Is Right for You

Part of interviewing is the employee considering if the company is the right match for them. All information gathered, through research and interviews, can help you make the decision to accept or decline a position when it is offered. 

Of course, if you want to try out a position before agreeing to stay on long term, temporary employment could be an ideal option for you. To learn about available temp positions, share your industry interests with the professionals at Quality Placement Authority 

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