Secrets of Successful Hiring Managers

Careers build over time. When you first start a job, you are trained in the industry and eventually, if you become a rising star in the organization, you may be tapped to become a manager. While getting a promotion is exciting, you may be concerned about your new position’s role of onboarding staff. 

Becoming a successful hiring manager doesn’t happen overnight, but there are resources available to help you learn. If you have recently been promoted and are looking for talent to build out your team, talk to an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority about your staffing needs. 

Unique People and Specific Tasks

One trait of successful hiring managers is recognizing skills and talents in individual people. For example, when you post a job listing, you may not receive the exact candidate you were initially hoping for, but you could meet a person who is better than you expected in one area of expertise or another. It’s helpful to understand everyone’s unique talents can join together to make one team, a team stronger than the individual talents on their own. 

Areas of expertise or specific skills can be a great way to ensure tasks are completed fully and well. Set expectations allow your employees to match and exceed goals. If the scope of their work is too vast, they may become discouraged as it will be impossible for them to complete everything on their to-do list and shine as an employee. Instead, each job should have well-defined objectives.

Hire the Right People and Allow Them to Succeed

Successful hiring managers won’t always hire exactly the right person, but they do take steps to avoid hiring someone who is completely wrong for the position. A bad hire can drain an organization of time and resources through training a worker who ultimately leaves without contributing to the growth of a team. Take the time you need to find a good candidate, either a person who has the hard skills you need or the soft skills that can make them a good trainee. 

Then, once you have brought a new hire onboard and trained them, allow them to do their work. Yes, it is important to have an established contact for them to reach out to if a problem arises, but micromanaging employees can have a negative impact on company culture.

Successful hiring managers learn their trade through practice. So, if you have been promoted to a hiring role, congratulations! It is a time for celebration. Everyone makes mistakes and you will make a few as you grow into your new role. Learning takes time, but thankfully there are staffing firms and other support resources that can help you through the process. 

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