Temporary Positions vs. Permanent Positions

If you need support at your business, you may be considering a temporary hire. Temporary positions can provide work until a clearly defined task is completed. Another option is to hire a temporary worker for a defined amount of time. If you know staffing will be needed continually, a permanent employee may be the right fit.

As a business owner, you should be aware of the pros and cons involved with each type of position. Then you can make a hiring decision based on the goals of your organization. Discuss your staffing needs with Quality Placement Authority today.

Temporary Positions Can Be a Solution

There are times when an organization needs support with a specific project. Or, instances when a business has an employee going on leave and needs someone to fill in while they are gone. In both of these situations, a temporary employee can provide the work needed to allow your business to thrive.

Then, when the project ends or the employee on leave returns, an organizational decision can be made about if it is in the best interest of the company to extend that temporary position. In some cases businesses even make an offer to that individual in hopes of making them a permanent employee.

The drawback of temporary employees is there can be a lot of training time if a businesses is relying on temporary help repeatedly. This training time can reduce team productivity. Also, with new personalities cycling through a company, temporary positions may not be optimal for environments that rely on collaboration. Team building can be an issue when employees know an employee is temporary.

Permanent Positions Provide Consistent Support

When workflow is consistent, a permanent employee can be the most beneficial choice for a business. After all, when the right person is hired, they are trained once. From there, they can improve at their job over time.

Plus, when an employee is part of a team, they are more motivated to use their talents to advance the goals of the company. Doing so is beneficial to their own careers. Small teams of permanent employees can even help to share their knowledge, training new hires as the company grows. This institutional knowledge can be a source of strength for a variety of businesses.

Each business is unique. There are situations when both temporary hires and full-time employees are needed. Often, the best decision is to start with a temporary hire. If it is the right fit, a business can then offer a permanent position.

Whether you are interested in a temporary employee, a full-time hire, or a temp to perm placement, a staffing agency can help you secure your goals. With a wide variety of candidates, you can find the support your business needs to profit and grow.

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