What Core Personal Skills Do Workplaces Want?

Sometimes referred to as soft skills, core personal skills are different from technical skills but are just as important in securing your dream job. Because while companies can train hires on the technical skills needed for a position, it can be difficult to teach soft skills.

Here are some of the core skills hiring managers are looking for:

  • Initiative
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Teamwork

For example, if a manager is seeking a hire for an administrative position, they may be able to teach a candidate the computer applications needed to perform the work tasks, but initiative and communication are core personal skills they will need to already have in order to thrive in the role. 

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Communication, Drive, and Initiative

In many workplaces, communication is key to productivity. After all, when problems are not resolved efficiently and immediately, company culture is negatively impacted. Strong interpersonal and writing skills can be an asset to an office. Even if you don’t have professional communication experience, you can illustrate your communication skills at an interview by asking questions and actively listening to responses. Then, after the interview, you can send a thank you that shows your ability to communicate well via note or email. 

Communicating how you can help a team work toward a solution is also advantageous, along with letting individuals know when you need help. Drive and initiative are key traits of hard-working professionals and a hiring manager would rather onboard a problem solver than a person who lacks personal drive. 

Creative Mindset and an Ability to Work Well In Groups

A person who is creative and curious can be an asset to teams as they are open to new ideas and are not rigid in their thinking. Breakthrough ideas can be explored when a person has a creative mindset. And if the new project doesn’t go as planned, creative thinkers are often able to bounce back from a setback with determination.

In addition, there are very few career paths that don’t involve a person working on a team. While there are jobs that lean on independent work at some point in the process collaboration is required. Because company positions are connected to other roles and teams, it is essential that a hire is able to work with others and listen to different points of view. Then, creative solutions can be developed, as needed. 

A blend of core personal skills and technical training will help you to connect with the high paying position you are seeking. If you want to begin earning an income as soon as possible, explore temporary positions while continuing to seek full-time work.

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