Could You Be a More Compassionate Manager?

When it comes to strong leadership, there is no singular trait managers rely on. Instead there are a handful of attributes working together. And while communication and organization are often top of mind, compassion is also an important piece of the puzzle. Thankfully, this is a trait you can grow into over time.

Considerate words and thoughtful acts can really improve team morale. Big impacts are possible through small, simple gestures. If you are ready to build out your team of kind and talented employees, talk to Quality Placement Authority to connect with top candidates. 

Encourage Employees and Show Gratitude

Building up workers and encouraging them to do their best will yield far better results than being demanding and unapproachable day in and day out. Supporting individuals and the team as a whole can boost collaboration and bring to light more opportunities for engagement. When you are a compassionate manager, there will be less burnout and fewer employees giving notice. 

And part of providing managerial support is showing appreciation for employees who are doing good work. Of course how you show gratitude will depend on the type of team you are leading, but a few ideas follow to introduce you to the range of possibilities. 

  • Have a cleaning crew maintain work spaces.
  • Provide your team with quality tools and supplies.
  • Order pizza in or take everyone out for coffee or a meal.
  • Add positive feedback to each meeting.
  • Cover fees for training events.
  • Treat everyone to a gift card.

Naturally, your appreciation will have to fall within the productivity needs of your organization. For example, some managers enjoy taking the team out for lunch when it is an employee’s birthday. But in other situations, it makes more sense to have a celebratory meal each time an important deadline is met. 

Compassionate Managers Don’t Fake It

Learning how to lead with empathy can take time, and that is ok. Your employees know you are human and that you won’t get everything right all of the time. With that in mind, it is better to be genuinely kind than to try and fake consideration. 

Being flexible and showing appreciation can take time, and that is natural. If you ask a positive person you admire if their supportive attitude comes without effort, chances are they will say that sometimes it does and sometimes it takes a bit more work.  

While being aggressive and hungry are attributes often celebrated in workplaces, it is important to balance those with being a compassionate manager. Plus, your new leadership style can have an upside for your company’s bottom line because learning to lead with kindness won’t cost a penny. Invest your time and energy into your team and enjoy the rewards of low turnover and high employee satisfaction.  

And if you do have staffing needs, know that employment professionals are available to help. Then, you can focus on keeping your current staff happy while a staffing expert connects you with pre-screened candidates. 

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