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Trust is everything to us. Quality Placement Authority Canna Business is dedicated to building rock-solid partnerships with our clients. We understand that you expect the best in staffing and consulting, and we deliver.

A Boutique Approach Makes Us Stand Out.

Companies trust our years of expertise, coupled with our vast network of qualified candidates, to deliver on-time and on budget.  We stand behind our candidates and use our proven methodology to make the entire process seamless and efficient.

The search is over

QPA Canna Business is your partner in saving you time and energy. Let us help – we’re sleek, nimble and dedicated.


• Assistant Cook (Cannabis Edibles)
• Assistant Grower
• Bud Tender
• Cannabis Joint Roller
• CBD Extraction Technician
• Cultivation Technician
• Compliance Manager
• Defoliation
• Harvester
• Head Grower
• Inventory Specialist
• Packaging Associate
• Post-Production Assistant
• Production Manager
• Trimmer
• Trimmer Associate