What Workers Have Learned from Temp Work

There are a range of opinions surrounding temp work. One person will tell you it is best to move from one permanent position to the next. Then, another individual will inform you about the ways temp work improved their career. To help you determine what is right for you, consider what workers have learned from temp work experiences. 

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Working While Looking for a Permanent Position

Timing is an important component to finding the right permanent position, and it is not something individual job seekers can control. For this reason, many find working temporary jobs while seeking permanent work is a great way to earn an income and gain new skills during their job search. An added bonus is future employers could see your commitment to continuing to work as proof you would be a dedicated employee.

Opportunities to Try Out Different Jobs

Even if you know you want to secure a full-time position, you may not be sure what that position is. When you work in temporary positions within an office environment, it may be possible to learn some of the skills yourself, experiences that can be added to the work history.

A handful of roles you could experience when temping in an office:

  • Website manager. Updates content on a company website.
  • Writer or editor. Creates copy for newsletter and publications.
  • Administrative assistant. Greets clients, answers phones, and manages correspondence.
  • Accountant or bookkeeper. Magages invoices, payments, and billing.
  • Office manager. Runs training programs for new employees and maintains the office schedule. 

Even if you do not directly work in the role, you can learn about different jobs. And if you find one you like, you can pivot your job search to that area of expertise. 

Connect with Professionals Through Temp Work

While there are many things you can do individually to boost your chances of seeking your dream job, from taking time to craft an impressive resume to pursuing different types of certification, there are also advantages to connecting with others. 

For many, networking is a key component for career success. This is the reason you will often hear individuals say that securing a good job is not what you know but who you know. Thankfully, there are ways to make professional connections, including working temp jobs. 

Agreeing to work a temporary post will introduce you to new work teams. This means you can meet workers with your same skill set and managers, building your professional network with each meeting or training program. Through these connections, you may learn of an industry that is hiring or be alerted to new trends in the job market that can give you important information for your own personal job search. 

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