3 Ways to Reduce Employee Burnout

When employees feel overwhelmed and stressed at work, they may be experiencing employee burnout. In some instances, a worker approaches their manager and lets them know they feel they are stretched too thin. Or, you as a manager may notice an employee’s performance lacking or hear through the grapevine they are looking for a new job. 

Preventing employee burnout can have a positive organizational impact. After all, workers who feel unsupported and overworked are less confident in their positions and are more likely to call in sick and look for other opportunities. Thankfully, there are steps managers can take to reduce employee burnout. If your company would benefit from staffing support, connect with Quality Placement Authority today.

#1 Be Clear About Duties and Establish Regular Check-Ins

You can set employees up for success when their job responsibilities are clear. If a worker is confused about what they should be doing or does not have the skills to successfully complete job tasks, they will be less confident and will quickly become overwhelmed. 

But when an employee receives proper training and has a manager who regularly checks in, they will be able to address any stresses as they arise, so small issues can be fixed before they turn into big problems. 

#2 Reduce Employee Burnout with Staffing Support

In many industries, there shifts in workloads throughout the year. Some are busier every summer while others find themselves juggling tight deadlines when special projects arrive. To be sure that permanent employees are not overworked, it is important for hiring managers to have a plan in place for busy periods. This could be bringing in temporary employees, rethinking employee calendars, or a blend of both. 

#3 Promote a Healthy Workplace

Employees who feel their workplace cares about them will be more dedicated to an organization. Recognizing the accomplishments of staff members and giving them the tools for work-life balance can go a long way. Your efforts will be rewarded with less employee burnout and a boost in employee retention. 

There are a variety of ways to offer a work-life balance to employees, including the following:

  • Offer remote working options
  • Allow for flexible schedules
  • Consider time off to volunteer
  • Assess and manage workloads regularly

You, as a manager, likely know what areas of your business could use improvement to help reduce employee burnout. It can take time to shift the culture of a company, but doing so can improve morale and allow your employees to use their talents to help an organization thrive.

Temporary staff is one of the many solutions that can reduce employee burnout. For example, if you have temp workers to provide staffing support during busy periods, you can still allow your permanent employees to use their time off and enjoy flexible work hours, if needed. 

Is employee burnout an issue with your staff? Temporary support staff could help alleviate the workload. Quality Placement Authority is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm with nationwide service capabilities. Let our experts help you find the best candidate for your business. Connect with Quality Placement Authority today.