Could Redeployment Help You Meet Your Staffing Goals?

It is natural for things to change over time, so it makes sense that organizations need to reorganize teams or adjust staffing levels when new projects arise or when accounts are pulled. One way to meet your staffing goals is to redeploy staff members. Redeployment can save a business time and money, because it is essentially moving a valued employee from one role in the company to another position.

Taking time to realign your staffing goals to your current business objectives is an important part of being a successful manager. To explore your options, talk to an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority. With a combination of redeploying permanent staff members and onboarding temporary workers, it may be possible to meet your staffing goals while staying under budget and creating a positive company culture. 

Redeployment Can Boost Employee Morale

When there are changes to accounts and workloads, it can impact company culture. There may be rumors of layoffs or competition between employees to join a team that is seen as more active or valued. Redeployment can boost morale and help workers to feel important to the success of an organization. After all, when trusted employees are trained in multiple areas, they can be a stronger asset within the company and take pride in being an adaptable part of the team. 

Clarity can help employees feel included in the process. So do not rush through a job transition, be clear about the expectations and goals of a new position and give an employee multiple opportunities to ask questions along the way. For example, provide them with a job description for their new position, complete with details about day-to-day duties. Then, it may be easier for them to understand what skills they are bringing to the position and areas where additional training may be required.

Temporary Staff Can Help You Meet Your Staffing Goals

Of course, redeployment may leave a few temporary or permanent gaps in your workforce. It is possible your business would benefit from temporary workers to smooth the transition. A temp worker could either fill in while an employee is being trained or take on a few tasks that remain after an employee has transitioned to a new department. 

When you carefully decide how you will meet your staffing goals, you can avoid redundancies in your workforce and create growth opportunities for valuable employees. Restructuring staff can be complicated, but an employment expert can provide you with the support you need. If temporary workers are necessary, a staffing firm has vetted, experienced candidates ready for your hiring manager to interview. Meet with an expert today to create your recruitment strategy. 

Do you want to learn more ways to meet your staffing goals? Talk to an employment professional. Quality Placement Authority is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm with nationwide service capabilities. Let our experts help you find the best candidate for your business. Connect with Quality Placement Authority today