8 Awesome (and Available) Human Resource Positions that Pay Well

If you are a job seeker with strong communication skills, know that there are many human resource positions that pay well. Within the field of human resources, there are a variety of jobs available. Some of these opportunities can be obtained once skilled are learned as entry-level temporary worker.

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Overseeing the Needs of Employees

When an organization has a number of employees who are dedicated to overseeing the needs of staff, from benefits to hiring, they are commonly referred to as the human resource department. Some who work in these departments handle payroll, benefits and Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) paperwork. Others are in charge of training and recruitment. In large organizations, it is common to have a staff of individuals focused on one area, but smaller businesses may have one manager in charge of a variety of needs. 

8 human resource positions that pay well:

  1. Human resources strategists
  2. Training and development managers 
  3. Administrative service managers 
  4. Human resource consultants 
  5. Compensation and benefits managers
  6. Labor relations specialists
  7. Human resource directors
  8. Benefits administrators

While it is beneficial to have an educational background or training in human resources, it is not always required. But there are certain talents an individual should have to excel in the industry and secure one of the many human resources positions that pay well. These include strong communication skills, ability to think strategically, and maintain budgets, if needed. 

Expanding Opportunities in Human Resource Positions that Pay Well

For individuals who enjoy communicating with people and building teams, human resources is a fulfilling and exciting career choice. Plus, it can be lucrative. If you have recently finished your schooling, working in an entry-level human resource position, either as a temporary employee or a full-time hire, can give you the skills you need to move up to a high paying position.

Employees who have years of administrative experience may also find a professional home in human resource departments. For example, if you are good with maintaining digital databases, are comfortable updating documents and contracts, and know how to create presentations that make metrics and reports easy to understand, you could shine in a corporate HR department. 

To learn more about which human resource positions pay well and which ones you are qualified for, talk to a staffing firm employment expert. Making a career plan today is a path to securing the future you want. 

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