3 Ways to Revamp a Job Description

It is common for job descriptions to need an update. They are often reused from year to year and may not be compelling for job seekers. A hiring manager’s first impression is typically a resume, but remember that the job description is the first look for job seekers.

When you revamp a job description, focus on appealing to your ideal candidate. Because job seekers read postings quickly, you want to stand out. Then, an intrigued candidate will apply. If you have questions about how to improve your job descriptions and recruitment efforts, talk to an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority

Growth Opportunities and Room for Development

One thing to consider is that many candidates are looking for growth opportunities. Because of this, include growth in your job descriptions, including what individuals in the position will learn and how their skills can develop within the organization.

Also, when possible, mention any job adjustments that are possible for the right candidate. Flexibility is very attractive to many job seekers. This is not always possible, but if there is room in your organization to shift a bit, maybe around hours or fixed tasks, mention it.

Work that Matters

Many individuals like to know why their work matters. When you clearly state how the work being done within the position itself, or by the organization as a whole, impacts and improves the lives of others, it’s compelling. Having an impact is an incentive for qualified candidates to reach out to your organization.. 

Part of this could be explaining what challenges will need to be solved within the position. After all, while a job is a source of income, it is also an opportunity for people to feel valued and appreciated. When a person knows they will help solve problems and enhance the productivity of a team, that can bring them satisfaction and joy, in and out of the office. 

Consider Your Goals as You Revamp a Job Description

Keeping job descriptions up to date can save you and your organization time and money in the future. After all, qualified candidates may not apply if the language isn’t clear or there are perks to the job that have not been mentioned in the posting. 

When you are looking to grow your staff, think about what your team needs. You can even ask team members what the key ingredients are needed in new hires. Many hiring managers also find it helpful to revamp a job description when there are team shifts. For example, if a person is promoted you could ask them if any elements should be added to the description. Or, if an individual is leaving for another company, ask them during their exit interview. Then, you will get timely insight you can use as you revamp a job description.

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