Do Not Rely on Ad Hoc Hiring

To do something ad hoc means you are solving one issue without considering the wider impact of that decision. Ad hoc hiring often happens when an organization does not have a clear, strong recruitment strategy in place. 

If you are a manager who does not think about filling a position until it is open, you are not alone. But this practice can have a big impact on a business. Unfortunately, ad hoc hiring can be expensive for an organization. Without a recruitment plan in place, a company often needs to spend more time, energy and money on staff recruitment than planned. 

To access talented hires, talk to an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority. When you work with a seasoned staffing firm, recruitment is streamlined. With a plan in place, your organization can focus on company goals, knowing there are vetted candidates available should your staffing needs change.

Posting a Job is Only a First Step

Ideally, an integral member of a work team will be sharing their knowledge of a position with other workers. For example, if someone has an intern with them a day or two a week, they can show them how they do relative tasks, knowing the intern may be a great hire should the team member be offered a promotion. But often this is not the case.

When an important team member gives two weeks notice and leaves a manager scrambling, the manager may quickly place a job ad, hoping that will solve the problem. Yet positing an ad is only one step of the process. If you truly need someone right away, simply hiring an individual because they responded to the post can lead to more problems later on. It takes time to find the best person for a position. 

If you need support fast, consider onboarding a temporary employee. A temp could help you through an important deadline, giving you time. Sometimes, restructuring a team is the best solution for your organization, but that takes planning. Simply responding to someone giving notice with ad hoc hiring means you are not building your ideal, long-term team. 

Avoid Ad Hoc Hiring and Build a Productive Team

If you are unsure how to start building a recruitment strategy, there are experienced professionals who can help. It is common for managers to feel they are not in control of their output when they are short staffed. If you are feeling overwhelmed, there are paths to building a productive team and shifting your habits away from ad hoc hiring. 

One of the things an employment expert can do is to help you figure out what support you need, create job descriptions to attract those candidates, and introduce you to experienced job seekers. Thinking through what your team needs now and in the future can protect you from upcoming staffing upsets. 

Do you find yourself struggling to find talented candidates when a team member gives notice? Quality Placement Authority is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm with nationwide service capabilities. Let our experts help you find the best candidate for your business. Connect with Quality Placement Authority today.