Questions to Ask During an Interview

It is important to note that interviewing is a skill that individuals develop over time. Having a general idea of what questions to ask during an interview can be helpful should the hiring manager ask you if you have questions. After all, asking for more information from you is a clear sign that you may be a good candidate for the position.

Do not pass up the opportunity to ask questions. With more information, you can learn if the  organization is a place that you can thrive. A few questions to ask during an interview could include the following:

  • What does a typical day in the position look like?
  • How is employee success measured?
  • Are there opportunities for professional development?
  • Do departments join together for projects?

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Expectations and Measurements of Success

If there is anything about the expectations of the position you do not understand, get clarification. Plus, when one of the questions you ask during an interview centers on the expectations of the position, you will be able to evaluate if the job is a good fit. A manager may discuss starting you off with tasks in your skillset and then training you for other responsibilities. This may be more comfortable than the hiring manager suggesting you will be given a project that feels beyond your current skill set.

In addition, asking about how employee success is measured can be beneficial. First, this lets your interviewer know you want to succeed. Also, you will learn about possible performance reviews and how often they take place. Then, if you are offered and accept the position, you will be walking in ready to work and understand what is expected from a high-performing employee.

Professional Development Opportunities

Of course, you should express interest for the job you are interviewing for, but that does not mean you can’t express interest in professional growth within the company as well. Employers often want to hire individuals who will remain for a longer period. Hiring managers often welcome an individual interested in advancing.

Some professional development opportunities a business could offer include participation in workshops, skill training programs, and joining networking groups and professional organizations.

Questions to Ask During an Interview Regarding Company Culture

Learning about the culture of a company is also advised. Because if you don’t like the culture of an organization it may not be the right match for you. You could ask about the culture of the company directly. Or if you want a workplace that is social, you could ask about where the team enjoys lunch, does everyone eat alone at their desks or do they gather in a conference room, for example.

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