10 Ways to Stay Engaged When Working from Home

With more people working remotely, learning how to stay engaged when working from home is a desirable skill. After all, learning how to stay focused on your own doesn’t come naturally for everyone.

If you are a skilled remote worker searching for new opportunities, talk to an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority. And while you work from home, boost your productivity with the following tips.

#1 Communicate More

There are likely times when you need to communicate with others on your team, such as scheduled chats and staff meetings, but communicating more than the minimum is a way to stay engaged when working from home. Regular texts, messages and emails can keep you in the loop.

#2 Schedule Your Time

Scheduling your time is essential when logging in from your home office. Find a system that works for you, whether that is a daily to-do list within your own private calendar or regularl morning check-ins with your team.

#3 Manage Distractions

If you continue to find yourself distracted by social media or others in your home, set some ground rules. For example, you can use a browser extension that will block certain websites for set amounts of time. And you can let others in your home know when you are on the clock and not available to chat.

#4 Respond to Messages

Staying connected means promptly responding to all of your work messages. Even if it’s as simple as stating you are in the middle of a project and will need to talk to them later.

#5 Dress for Work

If your job requires you to be on video calls, wear work clothes and have an organized space to sit and chat. You want to look professional and be in an environment that appears professional.

#6 Remember to Take a Break

When a big deadline is looming, it can be tempting to work without taking breaks. But in reality, taking breaks throughout your day is best. Getting some exercise can even help you solve a work issue. Take a walk on your lunch break or schedule a time to stretch for a few minutes after each hour of work.

#7 Share Concerns

When something is bothering you, it is best to let your supervisor know right away. Too often, people believe quitting a job is the solution when a problem can be addressed to improve your relationship with your work.

#8 Active Your Senses to Stay Engaged When Working From Home

There are ways to engage your senses to make your workday more pleasurable when working from your home office. Try listening to music, sitting near a sunny window, having fragrant flowers on your desk, or treat yourself with an afternoon cup of tea.

#9 Change Things Up

People that have worked from home for years often switch things up from time to time to keep things fresh. This could mean taking a break from your home office and working on your porch,  for example.

#10 Keep Your Options Open

Whether you are currently working from home and craving a return to an office environment or if you want to stay engaged when working from home in the future, know there are options available.

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