Temp Jobs Can Look Good on a Resume

Did you know that many people make their living through temp positions? And that temp jobs can look good on a resume?

If you are curious about temp work but are concerned about its impact on your career path, know that temping is a way to earn money, learn new skills, and stay busy until you land your dream job. It is a common employment path for many looking for flexibility. And with many industries using temporary staff, workers can work consistently if they choose.

An employment expert at Quality Placement Authority can help you land a temp job and teach you how to use it as a stepping stone to success.

Temp Jobs Can Look Good on Your Resume

A resume is often used during the hiring process to communicate your qualifications to hiring managers. Many resumes are organized chronologically, which means an individual’s educational and professional backgrounds are listed in order. Others prefer to format a resume by function, meaning qualifications are listed by skill set.

Whichever type of resume you choose to build, temp jobs can look good on your resume for the following reasons:

  • Temp positions can add experience to your background.
  • If there are time frames when you were in between full time positions, temp jobs fill the gaps.
  • Additional job titles can be added to your list of experiences, which could open up new opportunities.

Ways a Staffing Firm Can Help You Find Temporary Work

Staffing firms specialize in filling open positions, whether the company needs full or part time help. Working with a firm means you will have access to positions that are not publicly posted. This is beneficial in a couple of ways. It could result in you hearing about a job you wouldn’t have been able to find online, or a staffing expert could contact you because they found a position that matches your career goals.

Plus, because staffing firms work with multiple companies, they can keep you consistently working. The periods of time between when you are earning an income or not can be shortened, reducing your stress levels and helping you to avoid taking a job that is the wrong fit, solely because you are desperate for a paycheck.

Employment experts can help with resume building as well. After all, they work with companies that are hiring and individuals looking for work every day. They can give you advice on how to build a resume from the ground up or enhancement tips for professionals who have been in an industry for years.

Temp jobs can look good on a resume because they are an indicator of a person wanting to grow their skillset, whether they are looking to secure a full time position or are happy to work from project to project.

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