Top 5 Hiring Mistakes

In order for a workplace team to thrive, they need to have individual workers who are pulling their own weight. Because of this, it is essential to sidestep hiring mistakes, when possible.

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Hiring Mistake #1: At Interview Hires

If you really need a position filled and the first person who reaches out seems like a good fit, a manager may be tempted to offer that person the job there and then. But there can be issues later when a person is hired without giving the process some thought. In most instances, it is best to interview a pool of top candidates. Your organization may even benefit from bringing an individual in as a temp before offering them a permanent position as well.

Hiring Mistake #2: Giving Candidates an Incomplete Picture

Remember to talk about the full scope of the position. This can include highlights, such as benefits and opportunities for flexible scheduling, but don’t oversell the job. If there are times when a person will need to be present at events or meetings outside of business hours, it is important to let them know. Part of finding the right person is landing on an individual who fits within the culture of the workplace.

Hiring Mistake #3: Too Many Like Minded Individuals

When a business only hires individuals who share the same background, they could be closing themselves off to creative growth. After all, diverse teams can be more productive. New ideas and a wide scope of project solutions can lead to business advancements.

Hiring Mistake #3: Ignoring Assessments and Tests

There are assessment tests available for some positions, these can be great tools when hiring a person for your team. If you are hiring a person to do a specific task, it can be helpful to see what they are currently capable of providing. Sometimes an assessment test will give you a clear indicator of an employee’s weaknesses and strengths.

Hiring Mistake #4: Failing to Check References

The hiring process takes time. When a hiring manager is anxious to save time, they may attempt to skip steps. That said, scheduling phone calls with references is an important final step in the process. Then, you can confirm the candidate was truthful about their experiences and successes.

Hiring Mistake #5: Being Charmed by a First Impression

Yes, it is important for a candidate to make a good first impression, but just because someone is charming and has a good resume does not mean they are the best candidate available. Some people are good at selling their skills, but for your organization to grow you need to be certain they would also flourish in the available position.

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