Extra Etiquette Tips for Managers

When you are leading a team, it is essential to set a good example. You likely are familiar with the basics of office etiquette, such as being on time, paying attention, and not participating in office gossip, but when you are in a position in which you are onboarding staff, there are a few extra etiquette tips for managers that you should follow. 

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Tips During the Interview Process

When you are in the process of interviewing candidates, consider these extra etiquette tips for managers:

  • Candidates should feel welcomed. 
  • Take steps so your organization makes a good impression. 
  • Keep in mind that you are being interviewed as well. 

Whether or not a candidate is the right fit for a position or not, you want them to leave the interview feeling that they were welcomed and that the organization would be a good place to be employed. Being welcomed could include feeling heard as they answered questions and not being rushed through the process, for example. 

Candidates will remember if the person that interviewed them was prepared and interested in their experience. Then, they will walk away from the interview and share with others there thoughts about the organization. The impression they have could even weigh their decision to accept a role in the company, should they be offered a position in the future. 

Many of the extra etiquette tips for managers are connected to respect. You want to engage job seekers in conversations and share with them the assets of your organization, such as aspects of a positive company culture. Putting the effort in on the front end often pays off as high-performing candidates want to work in an environment that is productive and optimistic. 

Communication Is Essential 

Just as communication is key within work teams, staying in touch with potential hires is advised. Thinking of candidates as customers can be helpful. This means they should not be avoided or ignored. So, if a candidate didn’t advance to the next hiring stage, simply inform them in a professional manner. Additionally, if candidates are still in the running, share updates with them  if a hiring decision is extending for weeks or months.

It is common to be overwhelmed during the hiring process. After all, managers have all their other daily tasks to attend to as well. If all of the extra etiquette tips for managers simply leads you to think you need more help, connect with a professional recruiter. Recruiters have the expertise to assist in a range of areas, including vetting candidates, checking references, and completing human resource paperwork. 

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