10 Signs You Need a New Job

Are you considering a new job? Below are a handful of indicators that it is time for a change.

#1 You’re No Longer Motivated

Everyone has days where they would rather do something other than go to work, but if you are forcing yourself to get to your desk every single workday, there is a problem. When you are consistently disinterested and unmotivated, it may be time for a change. 

#2 Disputes with Coworkers and Supervisors

Engaging in personal disputes or receiving warnings about your productivity or performance is a red flag. When you don’t feel welcomed at work, move toward a better situation. 

#3 Job Worries Disrupt Your Sleep

When things aren’t going well at work, people often find themselves unable to sleep or waking up in the middle of the night worrying about work-related issues. Getting quality sleep is an important part of good health. If your sleep loss is job induced, consider a different position. 

#4 Feeling Physically Sick

In connection with sleep loss, if you are getting frequent colds and suspect it is because you are rundown from work, look into a new opportunity. 

#5 Your Job Hasn’t Changed…At All

If you have worked at the same place for a period of time and all of your tasks are the same as they were on day one, you may benefit from a job search. 

#6 Friends and Family Tell You to Stop Complaining About Work

While everyone vents from time to time, if those close to you tell you they are tired of hearing your work complaints, it could be an indicator that you need a new job, one where you can leave the office at the office. 

#7 You Dread the End of the Weekend

In the 9-5 world, complaining about Mondays is common, but if you feel a sense of dread when your Monday morning alarm rings, consider a change.

#8 You’re Stressed Out

Many positions have times of year when work increases and stress levels rise, but if you are constantly stressed out, explore other opportunities to protect your personal health. 

#9 Organization Has Lost Talent

Noticing coworkers you appreciate and other talented employees give notice can be deflating. It is also an indicator your organization isn’t doing all they can to retain quality employees. 

#10 A New Job Has Been On Your Mind

If the notion of leaving your current position and finding something you enjoy more keeps coming up, take the next step. Talking over the topic with those close to you is a start. Next, reach out to an employment professional who can connect you with your next opportunity. 

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