Is Acquisition the Same as Recruitment?

When talking to colleagues about staffing concerns, you will likely hear the words recruitment and acquisition. But you may wonder, is acquisition the same as recruitment? While the words are used interchangeably in some situations, there are differences when you get into the nuances of a hiring strategy. 

If you want to talk through what would work best for your organization, acquisition or recruitment, connect with an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority to discuss your options.

Timeframes Differ for Acquisition and Recruitment

One of the ways to separate acquisition and recruitment is to think in terms of short-term and long-term objectives. Typically, both goals are focused on hiring the best talent for your business, but acquisition is a long-term strategy. Recruitment is finding the right individuals for positions that are currently open. For this reason, screening resumes and scheduling interviews is part of the recruitment process. 

When building a strategy for talent acquisition, it is useful to do so alongside the strategy for the growth of your business. For example, if one of your business growth strategies is to grow a specific department over the next three years, keeping your final goal in mind can help you build a talent pool of candidates to choose from when it comes time to build out your team. 

Staffing for Short-Term and Long-Term Goals

Utilizing temporary staff can help you meet your acquisition and recruitment goals. Because recruiting is connected to open positions, staffing firms can take care of screening and interviewing, offering you talented candidates to choose from who have already been vetted. Plus, you can work with a candidate to achieve a short-term goal without having to invest in a full-time hire, which can be extremely beneficial when a project is seasonal or intermittent. 

Then, after you have regularly worked with a range of candidates, you will have an understanding of who could be a match when you are looking toward future talent acquisition. This can be extremely valuable information, as successful acquisition means onboarding talent that is committed to a growing department and has the skills you need to foster growth within the organization.

Has the question of acquisition being the same as recruitment been discussed at your organization? Employment experts can walk you through how each strategy can be useful in building a successful business. Depending on the size and scope of your organization, talent recruitment and acquisition may be complex. An employment expert can help you to understand how to attract the best talent to achieve end goals while connecting you with skilled contract workers to complete the tasks you need done today. 

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