Identifying a Fulfilling Career Track

If you are just starting your career or if you are in a position you don’t enjoy, you may be seeking a change, a path to a fulfilling career track. While it is common for people to say you should find your passion and follow it into the workforce, many find their passion difficult to define. Some find it helpful to pinpoint a few areas and focus on those. 

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What Do You Love to Talk About with Friends and Family?

People naturally gravitate to things that interest them. Considering what you like to talk about and spend money on could be an indicator of a field that would be a fulfilling career track for you. The connection can be immediate, but doesn’t need to be. For example, if you talk a lot about pets and give money to charities that focus on animal welfare, you could find satisfaction working with animals. 

Next, pair your interest with your individual talents. If you are good with people and technology, maybe an animal lover would want to be a veterinarian. Individuals with a knack for administrative or marketing could work in a local humane society, possibly as a marketing specialist or an operations manager. 

How Can I Explore a New, Fulfilling Career Track?

Being open to different opportunities can be helpful when you are exploring a new career. This could mean reading the job descriptions in a variety of industries and doing research on companies. Pursuing temporary or contract work can also open doors you hadn’t considered in the past. 

Individuals who are currently employed can talk to their managers about their interests and see if there is a move within the organization that could align with your passions. People seeking new positions can talk to a career counselor or an employment expert. The professionals at a staffing firm could have a temporary opportunity available that will help you develop the skills you need for your next career step. Then, you can earn an income while moving toward your ideal career. 

When you are a contract worker you will benefit in the following ways:

  • Determine if the field is a good fit.
  • Understand the scope of the work being done within an organization.
  • Establish a feeling of what income levels are possible.

Working as a temporary employee for a staffing firm will give you exposure to a variety of company environments. Some find they even prefer to work as a temporary employee, that they do not want to find a full-time position. After all, temporary work allows individuals to maintain a positive work-life balance and pursue outside passions between work placements. 

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