How an Executive Assistant Can Help Your Organization

For small companies without large budgets, every hire needs to be carefully assessed. When determining what hire is the best match for your company’s growth, you may be wondering how an executive assistant can help your organization. While the position is often not prioritized, a quality executive assistant can increase profits through managing organization systems and solving problems.

Administrative staff positions can do a lot more than answer phones and organize paperwork. There is a broad scope of skills executive assistants can bring to a company. If you are a small organization in need of hiring support, talk to an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority. A temporary executive assistant could support the goals of your company growth plan.

Provide Productivity Support

There is a lot of technology that can help to support businesses with administrative tasks. But as an organization grows, more support is likely needed. Hiring an executive assistant can be a path to having your organization efficiently run. If you are unsure if it is the right time to onboard an administrative hire, you could consider bringing in a temporary executive assistant. Then, once you experience how an executive assistant can help your organization smoothly schedule meetings and book travel arrangements, you can make a decision about if a permanent hire is best for your organization.

Reception Desk and Customer Service

It is common for individuals running a business to pay attention to the nuts and bolts of a company. But customer service is still important. An executive assistant can help your organization manage a reception desk and take care of client and guest needs immediately, whether they need to schedule an appointment or are new to the building and need to be introduced to team members.

An Executive Assistant Can Help Your Organization with Special Projects

There are many examples of business initiatives that involved multiple departments. Once an executive assistant is familiar with your company they will be able to help see special projects to completion. They may be able to negotiate with regular vendors after a relationship is developed, for example. It is also common for executive assistants at small companies to help with managing employee benefits, training interns on the basics of the organization, and assist with onboarding new hires.

Company culture can also be fostered with the right executive assistant. To help build a strong feeling of camaraderie, many companies host holiday parties, monthly luncheons, or celebrations when target dates are met. Taking time to recognize employees and appreciate their hard work can help in retaining skilled workers. An executive assistant can be in charge of these initiatives, making your company a more rewarding place to work.

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