Rules for Resume Writing

If you are trying to catch the eye of a busy hiring manager, you may be wondering if there are rules to resume writing. While there are no set rules, there are basic guidelines that are typically followed. When you stay in line with current best practices, a hiring manager can pay attention to your skills and qualifications. Unorganized resumes can be distracting and can lead to your application being thrown out.

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Basic Elements to Include

Many find it helpful to look at other resumes for inspiration. While you can glean great ideas about action words to use, it is important to still follow basic rules for resume writing, including the following essentials.

  • Educational degrees
  • Certifications or licenses that are relevant to the position
  • Applicable work or volunteer experience
  • Your level of expertise in skills related to the position or industry

Including your skills along with your level of expertise can give you an advantage over other candidates who are similarly qualified. For example, if you are applying for a position that requires office work and you have an advanced proficiency at Microsoft Excel and other office software, mention it.

Being Concise is One of the Rules for Resume Writing

Hiring managers are often looking through many, many resumes. They want to understand your talents and work experience at a glance. For this reason, it is best not to be wordy. Instead, you short statements to share your skills.

Because it is advantageous to keep your resume targeted, know there are times it makes sense to leave some past work or volunteer experiences off of your resume. After all, you want to craft your resume to land your future job, not to focus on past titles you no longer want to be employed in.

It is also essential you proofread resumes and cover letters multiple times. Even one mistake or typo can lead to a hiring manager taking a resume out of the running for a position. Particularly if the job that needs to be filled requires attention to detail.

Taking some time to follow some basic rules for resume writing and building a strong document can save you time in the long run. After all, a solid resume showcases your education, experiences, strengthens and talents. A resume displays your top skills and helps you secure an interview. Then, when you talk to a hiring manager in person, you can determine if the job is the right match for you.

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