Ways to Build Your Career in the New Year

As the calendar turns, people have feelings of hope and new beginnings. After all, the New Year is an opportunity to create fresh goals for the 12 months ahead. If you are looking to build your career in the coming year, assess where you are now, think about what you want in the future, and connect with an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority.

Assess Where You Are to Build Your Career

In order to move toward a goal, it helps to understand where you are right now. For example, what talents are you currently using at work? Are there additional skills you will need for a higher level position?

Some steps to assess your situation:

  • List your career accomplishments, recognizing past goals you have achieved.
  • Consider where you could use career development. For example, you might decide to connect with a mentor or take a class as a result of recognizing areas in need of improvement.
  • Look back over feedback you have received through supervisor evaluations, including any suggestions on assignments that are the best match for your skill set.

Once you have self-assessed your career path, you can begin to consider next steps. Goal setting can help you to determine both professional and personal priorities and how those aspirations can work in tandem.

Think About Why You Want a Change

It is also important to understand why you are craving a career change, so you are making a decision that is not reactionary. For instance, if you love your workplace but are frustrated with your daily work tasks, there may be a way to pivot within the organization. Or if it is time for a new job, salary is one factor but avoid accepting a position that is not a good fit simply because you want a fast paycheck.

If you need time, consider exploring temporary positions. A temp gig can be beneficial in a couple of ways; you can explore new industries and you can earn an income. As you build your career, focus on moving toward a position you love. When you allow yourself time to make a decision, you avoid accepting a job that isn’t a good fit, one you will likely not want to remain in for an extended period of time.

Once you know the direction you are interested in, the following New Year’s resolutions can get you on track for a new position.

  1. Look for open positions
  2. Update your resume
  3. Clean up your social media pages
  4. Connect with professional organizations
  5. Ask friends and family about professional opportunities
  6. Get ready to interview
  7. Stay physically active and eat well
  8. Manage mental health with mindfulness
  9. Track you progress with measurable goals
  10. Celebrate your wins!

To achieve your long-term career goals it is helpful to think of the process as a marathon, not a sprint. Acknowledge wins, large and small, as you build your career.

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