10 Qualities of a Great Manager

Every organization benefits when a great manager is leading a team. After all, in order for a work team to achieve their goals and objectives, there needs to be a person guiding team efforts. If you are looking for a manager for your business, or if you are a manager looking to boost your skill set, thinking about the qualities successful managers demonstrate can be helpful.

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#1 Great Managers Have Experience

In most instances, experience is needed in order for a manager to effectively lead a team. For many, this experience happens in professional environments. That said, for individuals who want to become managers, volunteering in a management role can lead to valuable experience.

#2 and #3 Empowering and Coaching

Effective managers are positive people who build confidence in their team. Empowering individuals brings out their strengths. Part of this could be coaching team members, giving them advice on how to complete their work tasks efficiently, or helping them build the skills they need for their next career advancement.

#4 They Know How to Communicate

Communication is an essential component of leading a team. This includes communicating the job duties that need to be completed along with listening to team members so any concerns or issues can be addressed. Many communication strategies are shared in project management seminars and management degree programs.

#5 and #6 Organizing and Managing Time

For a team to be organized, a manager needs to have their own desk in order. Time management and organization are essential qualities of a great manager. These skills are necessary to prioritize goals and accomplish projects.

#7 A Great Manager Knows How to Delegate

New managers sometimes fall into the trap of trying to complete every task on their own. Part of being a great manager is allowing staff to do the job they were hired to complete.

#8 and #9 Reliable and Honest

In order for employees to value manager opinions, managers need to be honest individuals. Challenges will arise, but being clear about how they will be addressed is the best approach. Part of this is also being reliable, show up when you say you will, for example.

#10 Confidence

Everyone struggles with self-confidence now and again, but in order to lead effectively managers need to be confident they have experience and abilities to share. Exuding confidence can be an inspiration to a team, as long as behaviors are not arrogant.

Of course, great managers are always seeking new ways to shine in their leadership roles. When you prioritize developing your professional abilities, you are putting building blocks in place for your own career advancement.

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