Setting Up a Remote Workstation

Whether you are working from home for a short time or planning to use your remote workstation for years, crafting a work-from-home office takes a bit of planning. While some choose to invest heavily in their home offices, you don’t have to. A few thoughtful changes can boost your productivity at an existing table or desk.

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Choose the Right Equipment

While a laptop and Internet connection may be all you need to log on to work, choosing the right tools can improve your productivity. Everyone has their own needs, but you will likely benefit a few of the following items:

  • Appropriate computer positioning
  • Good lighting
  • Comfortable chair
  • Headphones

Some choose adjustable desks to help prevent back and neck pain. But, if you do not want to invest in a piece of furniture, there are ways to improve your remote workstation with computer positioning. For example, your eyes should be almost level with the top of the screen you are using for work. If you have a desktop computer and your display is too low, simply raise it with a few books. Laptop users benefit from a laptop stand and an external keyboard.

For lighting, natural light can boost your mood and any additional light can help with your work tasks. For instance, a desk lamp placed just where you need it can support your work in a variety of ways, from computer work to note taking. And if you will be taking part in online video calls, you do not want a bright light behind you.

If you are taking a lot of calls, or if there are others in the house as you do your work, headphones can be helpful. Even if you only wear them occasionally, you will be happy to have them when you do.

Keep Your Remote Workstation Organized

Maintaining an organized work area can help you to start each day fresh, even when you are simply walking into another room of your own home. Keep your desk clean. Part of staying organized means everything has a place. Have a drawer or bin designated for chargers and an upright magazine holder for folders to store paperwork that cannot be pitched. At the end of each workday, clear your desk so you can return the next day to a clutter-free area.

Also, remember that keeping your remote workstation clean is part of enjoying your workday. With that in mind, consider adding a bit of color and nature when possible. Plants can help to decrease stress and give you a bit of nature that changes over time.

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