10 Employee Rewards that Don’t Cost Money

Employee rewards help organizations grow. After all, when employees feel valued they are more productive and less likely to leave for another opportunity. But if your company has a tight budget, you may not be able to afford employee bonuses and financial incentives. In those situations, try out some of these ways to recognize employees without spending money.

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Thoughtful Approaches to Employee Rewards

  • Write thank you notes. In a digital world, there is something to be said for a handwritten thank you note. Taking a few moments to fill out a card can truly make an individual feel appreciated.
  • Provide a day off. After a large project where an employee truly shined, provide them the opportunity to recharge. Give them the next day off or allow them to take a day off in the future, when they decide they need it.
  • Create a video. If an employee has done a multitude of little things that make the entire workplace stronger, consider preparing a short montage of their accomplishments and sharing it with them.
  • Offer flexibility. For employees with kids at home or long commutes, letting them choose a day each week to work from home can be helpful for their work life balance.
  • Ask your staff. If you do not have a reward system in place, ask team members for ideas. Considering their input will help them to feel valued, and they can enjoy the recognition ideas they develop, too.

Keeping the Workplace Entertaining

  • Stock the break room. Give employees who have been doing good work a say in how the break room is stocked. Or, if everyone brings their own food and drinks, allow an employee to choose music for breaks.
  • Plan celebrations. Of course, work anniversaries and birthdays are cause for celebration, but it can also be helpful to plan times for letting off steam at tough points of the week. For example, if the office loses momentum on Wednesdays, take a moment to have each team member recognize another who has been doing good work.
  • Decorate the office. When a team does well, give them time to decorate their spaces. An office that is attractive and fun can motivate employees.
  • Create a trophy. A symbol of success and appreciation, various sports have trophies that move from one winner to the next. Develop the same system in your office and pass it through the workplace as team members shine.
  • Build a relaxation area. Break rooms can be full of activity, creating a relaxation area means employees who are excelling can go somewhere quiet, read a book, and relax, if they’d like.

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