How to Be the Best ​Remote Boss

Today, working from home is far more common than it used to be. Yes, a few people worked a day or two each week before 2020, but now many, many workers login from home. These employees either work solely offsite or are able to work remotely when doing so is approved by their manager.

If you are a manager who works at a company that is open to employees working remotely, you need to learn how to be the best remote boss you can be. Without daily face-to-face interactions, managing a remote team involves unique communication tools and a commitment to organization. Plus, you need to trust your employees to stay productive. To connect with employees you know you can trust, whether they are working remotely or in the office, talk to an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority.

Communication and Organization

When people talk in person, an individual’s body language can support or contradict what is verbally being communicated. As a remote boss, remember to communicate clearly, relying less on non-verbal clues. Choose the communication platform that works for you. Some prefer video calls or talking on the phone. Others communicate best in writing, so they opt to use email and messaging apps more frequently. 

Of course, organization is important when sharing clear instructions with your team. After all, there are team meetings, project guidelines, and staff feedback that a manager needs to juggle each day. Developing an organizational system you can rely on will streamline your productivity. Plus, it allows you to send reminders to team members when a task is forgotten. 

Trust Your Team

Being organized can also help you focus on the larger picture, what needs to be done. It is common for managers with remote staff to wonder if their team is productive all day, every day. Instead of obsessing about when they are working or not, focus on their output. Doing so will be advantageous for both of you. 

And in order to have a team you can trust, you need to be trustworthy. This means keeping employees updated on changes within the organization and keeping promises to your team. Additionally, if you want to have a productive remote workforce, you can model a good work-life balance in your own role, too. 

For example, be online and available during your set work hours. This means respecting everyone’s time, such as logging in for Slack, Zoom, or Google meetings on time and prepared. But then, if you have yourself scheduled as being off on the shared calendar, switch your energies to caring for your family and practicing self-care. While it is normal to send an email at night or on the weekends from time to time, employees value a remote boss who understands the need to rejuvenate.

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