3 Things to Do If You Notice an Uptick in Employee Resignations 

There was a time when it was uncommon for a person to have a multitude of jobs over the course of their career. But that is not true anymore. More and more workers are choosing to transition from one job to another in order to meet their goals, whether that is an increase in income, more opportunities to develop skills, or a better cultural fit.

If you are a manager who has experienced more employee resignations lately, you are not alone. Connect with an employment expert about the best path forward, which could include one or more of the following:

  • Learn strategies to retain staff members.
  • Connect with short-term hires to help with staffing gaps.
  • Develop a staffing plan for the future.

A lean staff can be stressful for work teams and their bosses, but the workforce professionals at Quality Placement Authority have solutions. Connect today to discuss your staffing needs. 

Retention Strategies and Temporary Staff

With employee resignations high around the country, retaining top talent is a priority for many managers. There are a variety of strategies that can be used to boost employee satisfaction.  Which plans of action will work for you depends on your industry and managing style. Some suggestions include the following:

  • Provide opportunities to learn new skills.
  • Offer rewards, from time off to employee recognition lunches.
  • Keep work-life balance in mind when scheduling staff.
  • Build personal connections and encourage honesty.
  • Accept employee feedback.

Because employee retention programs can take some time to create and develop, many businesses find it helpful to bring in temporary staff when faced with employee resignations. After all, even bringing in short-term hires is a way to signal to your employees that you are not going to expect them to take on the workload of a departing team member. That you are committed to a balanced workload for all hires.

Employee Resignations and Long-Term Staffing Goals

While it may not initially feel like a gift, sometimes employees choosing to move to another organization is truly a present to the organization. For example, scheduling an exit interview with the departing employee can give you valuable insight into what they liked about their time with your organization and why they are choosing to leave. 

Additionally, you can do a deep dive into the needs of your organization. Maybe it would be beneficial to combine two part-time jobs into one full-time position. Or maybe you feel your department would benefit from the next hire having more administrative experience. 

Employee resignations are often difficult for managers. It is disappointing to lose a worker who is well-trained, productive, and fits in the company culture. But there are solutions and what is learned through the process could result in a team that is more motivated and higher performing. Connect with a staffing firm to learn about your options.

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