5 Tips to Onboarding Temporary Employees

For many companies, temporary workers and seasonal employees are the ideal solution to maintaining a productive business and not overworking full-time staff. But in order for a business to fully benefit from temporary employees, they need to be committed to onboarding workers properly. 

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Tip 1 – Train Workers for the Specific Tasks of the Job

When teams have been performing a job for a long period of time, it is common for individuals to take for granted the skills they have developed. Be sure workers are being trained properly. This means sharing all the information they need to do a good job whenever they are at work. Use training tools such as informative video content or visual slides, when appropriate. 

Tip 2 – Checking In and Supply Ongoing Training

To maintain an efficient team where temporary workers seamlessly work with permanent employees, training may be needed beyond the first few days. Even workers with experience and talent will need to learn the best practices of your unique business. Improvement occurs over time and ongoing support can be part of that process. 

Tip 3 – Equipment, Tools, and Working Conditions

Part of the process of onboarding temporary employees is having an area for the individual to work that is equipped with all of the tools they will need. This could include access to company guidelines and ergonomic workstations, for instance. Before bringing in short-term workers, be sure there is a properly equipped area for them. 

Tip 4 – Guidelines and Expectations when Onboarding Temporary Employees

Take time to go through the safety protocols and procedures for your organization. Too often, managers will rush through this part of the onboarding process because they feel the information is implied. If you are working with a staffing firm, discuss with them the possibility of pre-training. Then, share with temp workers your own guidelines and exceptions.

Tip 5 – Give Everyone a Path to Clarification

Support staff that is brought into a business on a temporary basis needs to know who they can talk to should they have any questions. Depending on the type of work being completed, it could even be advantageous to have a full-time employee check in with temp staff regularly to assist with any questions. This buddy system approach has the additional benefit of temporary employees knowing they have a direct contact to advise and guide them should they need clarification on their assignments. 

Many businesses find setting aside time to onboard employees helps to promote a positive, productive workplace. With thought and care, companies can have permanent and temporary employees contributing at a high level and feeling part of the community. 

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