Is It Harder to Find a Job During the Holiday Season?

You may have heard of individuals choosing to pause their job search during the holidays. Some choose to do this because they are busy with family commitments and travel, others suspect hiring managers are too busy to give their application a thoughtful review. But if you need to earn an income quickly, or are anxious to get your career on track, there are ways to secure a job during the holidays.

In reality, there are hiring managers who are anxious to hire during the holiday season and are onboarding talent right away. For example, if a business has a large project that launches at the beginning of the year, they need to get staff trained as soon as possible. If you want to know what positions are currently available, talk to an employment expert at Quality Placement Authority

Design a Schedule and Stay Productive

Developing and sticking to a schedule is helpful if you want to land a job during the holiday season. While it is natural to be distracted by seasonal events and festivities, continuing to fine tune your resume, assess job postings, and write cover letters will pave your path to a new position. Even a small amount of time each day can lead to big results. For example, you could do a half an hour of job search work each day while you are having your morning coffee.

If you need income while looking for your dream job, consider contract positions and temporary jobs. Many industries rely on seasonal hires to meet their goals during the holidays and temp work can help you stay productive while you research the right full-time position for you.

Staying on task could even result in you landing an opportunity that was available because another job hunter decided to take a break from their search. The job seekers who have decided to not search for a job during the holiday season may be doing so because they have heard companies do not have new hires in their budget during the fourth quarter of the year. While this is often true, it’s important to remember that managers are also planning for the first quarter of next year. 

Connect with an Employment Expert to Find a Job During the Holiday Season

Employers who are planning for the New Year are often in contact with staffing firms and employment experts. They may be planning to hire in January and have shared those plans with a staffing partner even though the postings are not public yet. An employment expert may be able to secure an early interview for you. 

Networking can be a successful way to access available job positions. To learn about new career opportunities, talk to friends, families, and employment experts about what kind of job you want and how quickly you are hoping to be hired. 

Are you planning to continue your job search through the holiday season? An employment expert can help. Quality Placement Authority is a full-service staffing and recruiting firm with nationwide service capabilities. Let our experts help find the best position for you. Connect with Quality Placement Authority today.