Examples of Job Interview Questions for Admin Positions

Administrative positions, also referred to as admin jobs, are needed in almost every industry. After all, admin staff provides support to other team members. Depending on the needs of an organization, an admin position could answer phone calls, use spreadsheets to organize office supplies, process invoices, and more.

If your company is in need of admin support, connect with Quality Placement Authority to find top-notch candidates. Below are a few questions to help you determine if the candidates are the right fit for your team.

How Would You Juggle Multiple Projects?

It is common for administrative assistants and other support positions to report to multiple managers within an organization. If this is true within your company, ask about how a candidate would manage multiple tasks, particularly if they all were high priority.

Seasoned candidates will likely share past office challenges while candidates with less experience may bring up stories from internships or school assignments. In either case, it is beneficial when a potential hire is able to discuss the importance of using their informed judgement to prioritize work.

For example, a candidate may bring up how they always started on long-term papers early in school, in case new assignments arrived unexpectedly. Or an individual with past office experience could point to the importance of clear deadlines.

Are You Organized?

Most admin positions require strong organizational skills. It is not always possible to find a candidate who uses all of the same applications you use within your organization, but knowing they have worked with administrative coordination tools can be helpful.

There is also the possibility of asking follow up questions about what calendar programs they have used in past positions or if they have strategies for clearing paperwork that can accumulate on desks. As more and more offices share electronic communication tools, many hiring managers also ask about inbox organization and computer skills.

What Did You Enjoy About Past Admin Positions You Held?

Sometimes asking about past positions is a good way to determine if a person is a good fit for the culture of your company. If your organization relies on teamwork, a candidate who shares how much they enjoyed working with coworkers may be the right fit. Other factors that could be important to your company include problem solving, customer relations, or honing digital skills.

Another question may be inquiring about past work experiences that were stressful. Listening to how a candidate was able to meet a difficult deadline or fill the needs of an upset customer can give you an insight into how they could support your organization.

Administrative positions are the backbone of many companies. When you prepare interview questions in advance, you can be sure to address the essential skills of the position.

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