Crafting a Job Description for Your Ideal Candidate

If your organization has decided to create a new position, chances are you will need to write a job description to attract potential hires. When you take the time to craft a quality description, it increases your chances of connecting with candidates who have the requirements you need to grow your organization.

Keep in mind that candidates often scan job descriptions. Then, if they are interested after an initial fast read, they will return to the description and read each word carefully. Choosing clear wording that attracts the attention of the reader leads to results. For more ideas on how to connect with the best candidates, connect with Quality Placement Authority.

Outline Job Tasks and Requirements

When candidates are looking for work, they are often trying to imagine what their workdays would be like if they were to secure the position. Because of this, it is helpful to list specific responsibilities.

Also, listing the job duties of a position will help you to ensure the job title is the correct match for the duties of the job. You want a job title and job description that work in tandem to clearly define the goals of the position.

For example, if you are looking to on-board a Marketing Manager, instead of simply stating “you will be responsible for marketing assignments,” you could add a bulleted list to the description, such as the following:

  • Manage social media accounts
  • Hire associates for outside events
  • Develop marketing campaigns within marketing budgets
  • Track metrics of marketing initiatives

Being clear about the responsibilities of the position means candidates will know what is required. This can help avoid confusion during the interview process and help to secure a hire who is ready to be a productive member of your team.

Also, it is important to be clear about what experience and skills are required. Of course, you can add an area listing preferred skills, but that should be separate from qualifications that are necessary. When an employer isn’t absolutely clear on requirements, they can find themselves spending valuable time interviewing candidates who are not qualified for the position.

Benefits, Salaries, and Perks

When candidates are looking for work, they are often seeking a position within a certain salary range. While companies may shy away from sharing salaries, the truth is when you add a salary range to a job description it can help you find the candidate who is the best fit.

Similarly, be sure you let potential hires know about your company culture and if there are perks and benefits they will enjoy should they become part of the team. An example of benefits and perks could include medical coverage, flexible hours, tuition reimbursement, and casual Fridays with catered lunches.

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